The Spa House for Women was created so I could offer private, customized, and detailed spa services in the privacy of my home to women.  In other words, all the services are meaningful and truly beneficial.  The ladies who visit come to improve their overall health and believe in the value of self care. 

Many years ago I was mobile, taking services into homes.  I also created and owned The Spa Sanctuary in Sunset Hills.  In 2011 I decided to take the spa services into my home.  It was a good decision; as everyone sincerely appreciates being able to enjoy a truly private session.  Most people who visit say they would rather go into a quaint, personal space rather than a commercial, impersonal spa.  

When you enter you are immediately connected to peace because the treatment room is very soothing, tranquil and serene.  

I am extremely conscientious and detailed,  as I provide a lot of extras such as:   Extra wide heated table, eye cover, extra blankets, heated rice buddies, sinus mixture, heated booties and mitts, aromatherapy and Biofreeze. (Any of these extras can be omitted per the client's request.)

When a client visits, the "treatment time" begins after we discuss health issues/concerns and I lay hands on to begin the service.   

As a licensed massage therapist and aesthetician, I have had the privilege and pleasure of providing spa services for over 10 years. Excellence is my passion!

"I know you will love The Spa House...
it is the little place that makes a big difference!"


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Form of payment accepted at time of services: Cash or Check.

Call or Text me @ 314-578-1385

581 Winter Bluff Drive
Fenton, MO  63026

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