This Isn’t It!

March 15, 2016 janetkgray No comments exist

260542ca76449910c22cafc1ed772178There was a private in the army who was responsible for cleaning his sergeant’s office.  All through the day for a couple months every time he saw the man he kept insistently muttering “this isn’t it.”  His sergeant was troubled by this and decided to have him see a psychologist.  The doctor deemed that he was mentally disturbed and should be discharged. Right after the private received his papers for his leave, he clearly stated “this is it!” Does this story ring a bell with you? Are there things you’re doing that don’t feed your spirit and soul? Do you need to re-direct so your whole being knows “this is it?”  Do you even know what your “It” is?  I imagine you do… and you should make sure you align with this Truth and live your “It” as much as possible.  All too often we have too many things in our life that don’t bring us joy and deplete your energy. Author and psychologist, Robert Holden has done much study on happiness and devoted many years to teaching people to live a joy-full, fulfilling life.  One of his best selling books, Holy Shift is a wonderful aid to creating the type of life you were meant to live – a happy one!  Check him out at  Let’s be like the private and deattach from what makes us small so we can shout from the rooftop “This Is It!”

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