The Star You Are

April 3, 2017 janetkgray No comments exist

Do you listen to supposedly “authorities” that tell you it can’t be done?  The dream you hold in your heart is there for a reason… and you must dare to have your own adventure.  Recently I was reading that author Don Miguel Ruiz (The 4 Agreements) calls people who smash dreams “dark magicians.”  I don’t know why he gave them that title, but in my mind this title means that these people can almost magically make others believe that their dreams will not come true.  It’s as if the dark magicians can make inspiration, joy, and enthusiasm float away like a beautiful cloud.  We can so effortlessly let go of what we want because someone throws facts, figures, and bold negative statements as us about our “plan.”  Hold on to your passion, your drive… it is there for a reason!  Don’t believe people who you think are smarter, more successful, “together” diminish your joy and happy energy.  Remember that when people speak they are just words… not necessarily the Truth.  You know your Truth better than anyone.  That romance you want, that business you know can work, that book that is inside you – it’s all possible and can happen if you believe in yourself.  At the end of your life you don’t want to have regrets because you didn’t try your dream.  Go for it – take steps (even if baby ones) toward what you know in your heart will work.  Create the life you truly want and hold your inspiration tight…  as it is more important than anything you can do to have what you want.  Dreaming is CRUCIAL to live the life you imagine and belief in yourself is what will connect you to what you know you can do.  You are a shining star; and this world needs your bright contribution.

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