Massage Neutral

Serenity Massage: One hour - $65
For the "issues in your tissues" from life!!  When you need to relax, release stress and unwind.  Perfect pressure is used as you enjoy the heated, extra wide table and listen to beautiful music.  (Aromatherapy may be added for $5)

    90 minutes - $100

Specialized Anatomy Massage: One hour - $65 (Three specific areas of the body are massaged.)
When you need attention is those areas that are hurting and/or holding tension or tightness.  Perhaps your neck, low back and shoulders are bothering you.  You decide where the massage focus is to be!

Targeted Massage: Half Hour - $40
(One or two specific areas of the body are massaged.)
This session is for you when you only need one or or two areas massaged.  You can easily work this treatment in during a lunch hour or right after work.  Wherever your body is needing relief, that's where you are massaged.  The targeted time is powerful as it is combined with heat and penetrating Biofreeze.

Prenatal: 1 Hour - $75
After your third trimester you may enjoy this relaxing, nurturing, soothing massage.  You are never on your stomach.  You will lay on your side and back with pillows for support and comfort.  This session is a welcome relief if your back, legs and feet are aching.  Safe, fragrance free oil is used.  Both you and baby will love it!

Deep Tissue: 1 Hour - $80
This is for you if you truly want a massage not for relaxation but to have those muscles worked extremely hard.  This is the same as the serenity massage, only much, much more pressure is applied.

NOTE:  The following complementary comfort aids are used when appropriate and desired:  heated muscle buddies, eye cover, sinus mixture, breast towel, heated mitts/booties, extra blankets, Biofreeze, and Tiger Balm.

Form of payment accepted at time of services: Cash or Check.

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