Massages (The Spa House)

All massage sessions are done in the privacy of my home (The Spa House).  The treatment room is beautiful, tranquil and serene.  There is never any waiting; and by offering services in my home
I can give personalized attention customized for each lady.  This is the little place that makes a big difference!  

An E-stim machine is now available to loosen tight muscles, soften knots, and increase blood flow to the restricted areas. Ten minutes is administered while you relax and unwind, prior to the massage session.

De-stressing/Relaxing:  Firm pressure is applied to your anatomy as you relax on the over-sized, heated table and listen to tranquil music.
60 minutes - $60   or
90 minutes - $100

Fantastic Feet: Feet are massaged while relaxing on the heated table.

     30 minutes - $35

Specialized Anatomy: Client selects the anatomy is to be massaged.

     30 minutes - $35

Scalp/neck:  Your tight scalp and neck/shoulders are massaged while relaxing on the heated table.

     30 minutes - $35

Mother is supported by a table wedge so she is not lying on her stomach or flat on her back.  The knees are also supported.  Massages are given after the first trimester.

     60 minutes - $70

Face: Face is cleansed prior to the massage session.

     30 minutes - $35

Aromatherapy:  60 minutes - $60

NOTE:  These complementary comfort aids are used when appropriate and desired:  heated muscle buddies, eye cover, sinus mixture, breast towel, heated mitts/booties, extra blankets, Biofreeze, Tiger Balm.

Form of payment accepted at the time of service:
Cash or Check

Please feel free to email me @