Likes and Dislikes

June 7, 2016 janetkgray No comments exist

thinkingHave you ever thought about why you really like some things and loathe others?  Ever pondered why you may like anchovies while others hate them?  It’s not something that most people ever think about… but for some reason I find it fascinating.

I am blogging about this because I believe it is awesome the way people receive positive energy from things… but we all don’t receive the same “kick” out of the same things.  Why is it that some people love football, and others could care less?  How is it that a lot of people love to cook, while others would rather eat out most of the time?  Why is it that some people love, love, love dogs and others prefer cats?  I know that a lot of our likes and dislikes are ingrained from childhood and how we grew up.  However, you have to agree that it’s still pretty amazing how we are wired differently concerning our preferences in life and yet we have all the same organs and body composition.

God was pretty ingenious when He gave us minds to choose and gave people individual choice; as the world would be pretty boring otherwise.  Just think about it… if we all got excited over brussel sprouts!!! (Yea, I agree, I don’t know anyone who gets excited about them.)

Our minds are miracles… and we are phenomenal… and I just wanted you to think about your miraculous self today!

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