In the Now!

March 21, 2016 janetkgray No comments exist

lady worryingWe had 6 of the grandkids over (ages 10-18) this past Saturday for our annual egg coloring. After the day was over, I reflected on all that we did and the fun we had. In our laughing and creating our tie-dyed eggs and food coloring/shaving cream creations… it occurred to me how kids truly live in the moment.  They are in the “now”… not worried about what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow.  Some were playing cards, others were messing with their phones or coloring eggs… but all of them were focused on what they were doing.  There was also great concentration! Not once did anyone bring up a future “challenge” or discuss a disappointment about a prior situation. I thought about how much time I spend (and have spent) upset about a past discontentment or worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet.  What would my days look like if I could live in the now? What if I was just concerned about each moment and lived in the present? A lofty goal?  I think not.  I decided I need to be more child-like and wherever I am and whatever I am doing try to connect to all the blessings in the present. (You know what they say about the present being a gift.)  Famous author Wayne Dyer said that worrying is ridiculous, because if we can do something about a problem we will (then it won’t be a problem any longer); and if we can’t do anything about the problem… then there is no sense in worrying about it. How true!  I think Bobby McFerrin had it right when we wrote the song – Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  Can you live in the now???

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