What Fills Your Bucket?

February 28, 2016 janetkgray No comments exist

little girlWhat fills your bucket?  In other words, what gives you energy, excites you, and brings you joy?  I think many of us awaken in the morning and go about doing what we usually do almost unconsciously: Going to work, tending to others, cleaning, keeping appointments, paying bills… LIFE!  Can you add more of what brings a smile to your face into your day?  Can you imagine actually scheduling time for fun?  Radical!  The one thing I put in every day is my “heartART.”  I love to work with watercolors, make cards, and do art journaling.  When my bucket isn’t filled with this time to create and reflect, my spirit and soul are empty.  If I don’t make time for this creativity, I feel a lack of joy and enthusiasm.  It’s time we take time to load up on joy!  We give so much of ourselves away to the demands of life that we can easily forget about creating happiness.  I think if people would actually do something each day that is simply for pleasure, they wouldn’t be so drained and exhausted at the end of the day.  So many people are grumpy because they don’t put joy as a priority.  Why is it we can feel guilty for taking a walk, going to a movie, or taking a nap if there is a job to be done?  Why oh why must the chore be first on our list? Who made that a law?  We have somehow been conditioned into thinking that having fun MUST BE secondary in life.

I remember when I was living at home, every Saturday before we could do anything fun we had to clean the house.  As an adult I continued that behavior well into my 30’s!  NOT NOW!  For some time, I have made sure I evaluate what I am spending time on and if it feeds my spirit.  Yes, I know there are things we must do that aren’t so thrilling and/or joy-filled.  But, if we can add more activities into our days that make us smile… life chores won’t be such a chore!

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