ARTspiration Life Coaching

In business and your personal life sometimes (no, most times) life throws you curves.  When this happens, you need to get re-connected to your sanity, strength, courage, and self-worth. 

When you’re in “deep weeds” it’s hard for you to see the sunshine, feel much joy, and make healthy decisions.  At this point it’s good for you to stop, relax, and move to the right side of the brain to connect the dots that let you see how powerful, intelligent, and wise you are.

I help you get un-stuck and receive clarity about your wholeness and goodness by getting you in touch with your creativity and divinity.   Our being together is much like talking with a friend.  We discuss your “situation” and find ways to help you navigate through the challenge using art tools.

You don't have to be an artist to touch your "source" and receive guidance.  When you truly are open to receive awareness and direction, it will come. Working with the colored pencilright side of the brain and pens, pencils, crayons, watercolors, you can express and move into a space of non-judgment and leave your ego behind.  Sessions are to help you feel good about living an authentic life by re-aligning to the Truth of who you are.

In our time together, I hold the space for you to step into your greatness and help you tune into your honesty and drop limiting, restrictive, non-productive thoughts.

Coaching is for those women who sincerely wish to take charge of their life, are committed to listening to their heart, and willing to trust the process.


~~~ 1 hour $45 – 90 minutes $80 ~~~

The first session is done at my office in Fenton, MO;
then sessions can be done by phone.

 To schedule a creative life coaching session,
please c
all, email or text me at
(314) 578-1385).

Prior to your first consultation, you may receive
a 20 minute complimentary session.

Form of payment accepted at the time of service:
Cash or Check or PayPal.