A Purpose Path

August 23, 2017 janetkgray 1 comment

Recently, as you may know, I have dealt emotionally and physically with a health issue.  Although I am not 100%… I am in a good space now and moving toward the life I once had – full, fun, and meaningful.   About a year ago I was in a space that made me small (because I was in a victim mentality)… and I was not happy.  In my hurting space, I was blaming the doctor, God, and myself.   None of that energy invested changed my situation.  I was also dealing with some anger connected to my life changing due to my disfigured leg and lack of mobility; which impacted my life as a spa owner.  (When it hurts to give massages, or any other service, my energy is depleted and I am not totally connected to the serving process.) Anyway… when I realized I had to work at gaining physical strength, I also knew I had to grab the life I wanted and make it happen.  You see, I decided I needed to create a “Purpose Path”  regarding my profession as a spa owner.  I lost many people during my recuperation due to being away from the spa and this was of great concern; as my income dropped significantly.  What do I do?  Go back to the secretarial field or retire??? Neither of those options filled me with joy.  I thought about what professional purpose would make me energized, alive, and happy.  After much deliberation and soul searching,  I realized that my focus needed to be KNOWING I was improving ladies’ lives with the spa services and continue with my business.  Living with a Purpose Path gives me passion and contentment.  It was a BIG leap for me to step into my greatness and accept that I give exceptional spa services providing joy, rejuvenation, and healing.  The next step was for me to own the gift I have of brightening womens’ lives through a caring connection and devotion to serve.  (Why I never really accepted this Truth before I don’t know… except that most girls growing up in the 50’s would never speak of their worthiness or accomplishments; and they were not encouraged to think highly of themselves.)  After much contemplation, it was time to embrace my significant blessing and conduct my spa services with more gratitude and awareness. So, with this story being shared… I hope you will think about your “Purpose Path” and how you’re helping others.  Your intention to love and be “present” for others has a huge significance to impoving peoples’ lives .  Your gifts may be linked to your profession or not; it doesn’t matter.  The importance about your Path is that you value how you contribute to improving the lives of people and you VALUE your gifts.  Walking the Purpose Path means you celebrate what you do and your contribution to this world!  Every smile, word of encouragement, prayer, compliment, and friendly gesture is making our planet a better place.  No matter what you do day-to-day, do it with reassurance that you are a blessing to others and you play a vital role in the sweetness of this life.  Remember:  Walk gently and lightly on your path… and leave a trail of lights so others may find their way.  -Cherokee Billie

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  1. Hi Jan,
    I read your blog today and was touched by it as well as inspired. I too struggle with some of the same issues and know it takes steady vigilance not to let ourselves slip into despair.

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