A Creative Challenge

April 14, 2016 janetkgray No comments exist

Children-Will-Love-These-Coloring-BooksWe all know that the big craze now is coloring… who would have imagined?  I think it’s such a big hit because millions of people have great memories of coloring as a child… and it somehow soothes our spirit to do it.  It seems like the idea of adult coloring books popped up overnight.  Anyway… I think it’s great for your health, as relaxing is always beneficial in this fast paced world in which we live.  So… here is my creative challenge:  Take whatever art medium you like – watercolors, markers, crayons, acrylics and on a piece of paper write down words related to your happy memories.  (You know, words like “summer” – “dogs” – “picnics” – “beach” – “my love”) Now, here is the tough part… use your non-dominant hand!  Oh, how your ego will jump up and down with criticism and generate thoughts that are judging to stop the process.  You might have the thought “this is stupid.” Don’t give in.  Focus and don’t be concerned how the words look – just CREATE!!!  It’s like being a kid again… and it’s freeing because you are not able to control the penmanship.  The purpose of this is to try something different.  Day after day we do the same things without involving our right brain.  Open up the creative portal and see what appears!  (If your ambidextrous this won’t be a challenge… so in your case you will have to do it with your eyes closed!!!)  Share your experience and let me know how it went!  Enjoy!!!!!

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